The Office takes charge of the effective and economical Implementation of Health related services & programs. Develop and formulate plans and strategies in the Prevention and occurrence of diseases and be in the Frontline of health services during and aftermath of Calamities, man-made or natural.

Head of Office
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Functional Statement

Provide quality care to improve the quality of life through promotion, preservation or restoration of the delivery of the health services and facilities especially the poor.


  1. To achieve improvement in health.
  2. To improve the general health states of the population.
  3. To reduce morbidity, morality, disability and complication from general disease.
  4. To eliminate and eradicate public health problems.
  5. To promote healthy lifestyle.
  6. To promote the health nutrition of families and special populations.
  7. To promote environmental health and sustainable development.
  8. To formulate strategies to achieve health goal.

  1. General Consultation
  2. Dental Services
  3. Clinical Laboratory Services
  4. Issuance of Sanitary Permit
  5. Labor/Birthing and Delivery Services