The Municipal Accounting Office shall take charge both the Accounting and Internal Audit Services, prepares and submits financial statement and maintains record of journal vouchers and individual ledgers for official and employees of the Municipality.

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Head of Office Contact Number
Anna Marie Lailani Monte [email protected]


[su_spoiler title=”Background” icon=”arrow”]Functional Statement

  1. Maintain an internal audit system that will ensure the proper use of funds.
  2. Prepare and submit financial statement to the Municipal Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan.
  3. Review supporting documents before preparing vouchers to determine completeness of requirements and certify to the availability of budgetary allotments to which expenditures and obligations may properly charge.


  1. To formulate and install an internal audit system that will promote the stability of the municipality.
  2. To keep and maintain all accounting records and reports related thereto.


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  • Accountant’s Advice for Check Issued