The Local Government of Lazi encourages all the constituents that they can now use the portals of their telco service provider to register their SIM cards.

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What is the SIM Registration Act?

The SIM Registration Act requires the registration of all SIMs, including those in card and electronic form, as a prerequisite to activation. Under the measure, users of all mobile devices, including prepaid broadband devices, must register their SIMs.

The law is there to protect consumers from illegal activities such as scams, smishing, and other kinds of mobile phone and online fraud. These have proliferated because criminals are able to use prepaid SIMs without registering any of their personal information, and so they can use these SIMs without being identified and getting caught. 

Under the law, all SIMs sold by telcos, authorized distributors or resellers will be in a deactivated state and will only be activated once the SIM buyer registers the SIM in the authorized registration platforms.