LGU Lazi conducted its Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) and Capacity Development Agenda (CapDev) last October 17-19, 2022 in Cebu City. Spearheaded by Mayor Phil Moore D. Largo and attended by Vice Mayor Rose Mae Dalaygon with all Sangguniang Bayan Members, Department Heads, and a representative from PNP-Lazi. MPDC facilitated it thru its Coordinator, EnP Joannes Paulus V. Jumadla with Mr. Martin Faustino Gabas (MLGOO) and Mr. Dennis S. Quiñones (Provincial Director DILG-Siquijor) with his subordinates as Resource Speakers.

Group activities started as lectures and discussions by speakers and facilitators were utilized. During workshops, issues and concerns were identified within every department and possible solutions were determined.

The seminar was focused on the review of LGU’s Vision and Mission; formulation of goals and objectives, crafting of priority programs, projects, and activities (PPAs); identification of PPAs for legislative support, and determined ELA-Capacity Development.

At the end of the discussion, Mayor Largo gave his insights on the matter, while Vice Mayor Dalaygon emphasized the Sangguniang Bayan’s full support.

ELA and CapDev is a planning document mutually developed and agreed upon by the executive and legislative departments of an LGU for its elective officials’ three-year term of office, and an instrument that embodies strategic plans for all projects, activities, and programs to be implemented by the Executive with the counterpart laws and ordinances enacted by the Legislative. It is a meaningful mechanism program embodying good governance.